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5 Fresh New Header Fonts for 2022

Hand Drawn Header Fonts from The Indigo Sea

Have you ever noticed that there are a handful of very popular header fonts and that almost everyone seems to use them? Sure, you can use a classic typeface - but why not do something different and unique and make your business stand out?

Today I am going to show you 5 stunning, hand-drawn typefaces which will all make great show stoppers for 2022

Bopster - a chunky brush script font with a casual hand lettered feel

Loconova - a friendly handwriting font

Yapple - totally fresh hippie vibes

Esselina - a fresh, tall header font


Bopster - a chunky brush script font with a casual hand lettered feel

Bopster is his an organic, bold, friendly handwritten number worth adding to your font library. With a chunky letters, it gives you that hand painted feel. Bopster has lowercase alternate alphabets that can be mixed and matched to achieve a handwritten effect. Bopster is a beautiful header font, but also easily readable for longer pieces of text.

Bopster makes quotes sing, and is perfect for personalised products - everyone loves their name written in fancy lettering!

You can grab Bopster today here

Loconova - a friendly handwriting font

This is Loconova, a brand new sans-serif font. Hand drawn and friendly, Loconova is a beautifully simple handwriting font. Suitable for header and copy, Loconova is easy to read and easy to use - a great addition to the library! There are loads of ligatures and special characters you can use to spice things up too, so Loconova is handy one for logos and other branding projects.

Loconova is sweet and simple, and perfect for website headers and small business graphics.

Loconova can be purchased on Etsy

Yapple - totally fresh hippie vibes

Yapple is a curvy serif font with a retro vibe. Beautifully hand-drawn, Yapple is chock full of 70's vibes and oodles of personality - which will add the same to your projects. Thanks to its fun and friendly style, and variety of ligatures, Yapple is sure to become a favourite.

Yapple immediately sets the scene for sunshine and fun, and would be perfect for brands with a retro or vintage theme.

Grab yourself some Yapple here

Jarric - a blocky header with retro vibes

Jarric is a vibrant, bold and delightfully random hand-drawn font; an excellent choice for creators and makers. From eye-catching graphics and prints, to branding and creative project ideas, Jarric can help you stop them in their tracks.

The Jarric font is the perfect blend of modern and retro and would make a wonderful logo font. Jarric is clean, clear, and stands out in social media graphics.

Grab Jarric now!

Esselina - a bold double caps header font

Esselina is another great, simple header font for your collection. Tall and blocky, Esselina has two sets of capital letters, each accessible direct from the keyboard - making it perfect for Canva. It's bold, but still with that handwriting feel.

Esselina is feminine without being girly, and is great for simple logos. With it's two sets of characters, it's perfect for graphics which need that casual handwriting vibe.

Esselina can be purchased on Etsy

Loupe - a curvy font with 3 different styles

Last, but not least - Loupe is a hand-drawn font with a super curvy look. Loupe Cursive is the star, a beautiful cursive font perfect for a multitude of projects. For a simpler vibe, or to maximise readability, you get all the charm but with individual letters with Loupe Block. Plus every great font needs a swanky Italic version!

Loupe is one of a kind. A beautiful combo of sans-serif and cursive but with the option to go blocky and bold. Loupe is great for getting creative with it's flexible spacey vibes.

Loupe has landed on Etsy here


Choosing the right font is one of the most important parts of any design, and it’s important to select a font that your audience will enjoy and that best represents your brand as a whole. Hopefully this list has given you some ideas on where to start, but the trick is to find a font that really grabs you—and isn’t a “me too!”. At The Indigo Sea, I specialise in hand drawn fonts that aren't run of the mill. I create them to stand out from the crowd, and I hope you do too!

Helen x

The Indigo Sea Etsy Store

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